War is On: How to Fight Unfair Competition & Black Hat on Amazon Updated 2021

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Amazing wonderful outstanding article 😀 scared me a little bit as I’m a newbie still doing product research with a 10k budget. Thank you so much, so many golden nuggets here 😀

Davide Nicolucci

Thanks for the comment Hichem! Glad you liked the article and found it useful! Keep it on and remember to do a good job, there’s light at the end of the tunnel 🙂


Thanks for taking the time to write this Davide! A lot of solid advice here, thank you!!


Wow! Another great article. Thanks for putting these articles out there, they’ve been very helpful for myself and my team.

Davide Nicolucci

Thanks Jonathan for sending us your feedback!


Great article. David has raised a lot of great points for all Amazon sellers. Worth bookmarking!

As far as I know, many Chinese sellers are entering this business even though they don’t have any experience, or even don’t know English at all. China has a lot of dirty and grey service providers are supporting these sellers by providing them with all these black hat techniques etc., they provide new sellers with workshops and training courses to teach these new sellers on how to register Amazon accounts, to do FBA, and the ways to take advantage of Amazon’s loopholes. Doing Amazon now is a mature industry in China, come to China if you want to do Amazon business and to be good at Amazon. Subscribe growththehack as well!

Davide Nicolucci

Appreciate the feedback Ryan, thanks!


Thats true . our Amazon team attended some workshops of David, he is very professional and helped us a lot, Thanks.

Davide Nicolucci

Thanks Kim!


Very professional article and learnt a lot. Thank you.
you are Amazing Amazon coach and doing great in Amazon CPC advertising and social media, hope to attend more workshops of your company.

Farhan Aibak

Real Gem.
Must read article for serious Amazon Sellers. Very Informative. I just Loved it.
Thanks for taking the time to write this Davide !

Davide Nicolucci

Thanks Farhan, I really appreciate your feedback!


Thanks David for taking the time to write this valuable article.


Davide Nicolucci



great article

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