Growth Hack is a young and vibrant Digital Agency founded by Davide Nicolucci in January 2017 and based in Hong Kong. Our Goal is to help any business in any industry to grow faster and smarter.
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We help brands to rank higher.

Growth Hack Consulting LTD is the first Amazon Seller Agency based in Hong Kong, officially part of the Amazon Advertising Partner Team program. We help sellers from USA, EU and Asia to rank higher and get more sale in every marketplace, while keeping the budget at a reasonable level. We have years of experience with several Top Sellers on Amazon and we have generated millions of $ in sales for our happy clients. Contact us to know how you can improve your sales now!

Boost your Amazon Sale

We provide full range of services that will get your products on the top rank on Amazon. Our work is developed by native speakers of 10 different languages!

Rule the Social Media

We develop your Social Media presence through the most useful online channels for your brand. You have a lot of things to say, we know it and we're here to give you voice.

Target & Performance

Struggling with your Advertising performance? Let us handle it, or give you some practical advise. We have generated Millions of $ for our lucky clients since we started in 2017.

Fully Customized Strategy

Every brand has different needs, whether it is just a side project or a 360 degrees Digital Strategy. Our objective is YOUR GROWTH. Get in touch with us now for a quick chat about it!

Where We Can Help You:

amazon global sales agency

Americas (USA, Canada, Mexico); Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands); Australia & Oceania

Bring your Amazon PPC to the next level!

We have been working on Amazon PPC optimization for years and years, and we know that it can be a really hard job to do, with so many competitors and so many rules. Let us handle it for you! Our expert advertising management system ensure a deep analysis of your current status and a re-optimization of your campaigns in order to increase your sales and decrease your ACoS% (advertising cost on sales) using top keywords and best campaigns-groups-ads combination for your success.

Want To Know How?
ppc amazon service increase sale decrease acos
Client's PPC campaigns after 1 month management service: Sales increase, ACoS% decreases.
Amazon PPC CPC optimization Growth Hack ACoS%
One week example of PPC Sales and ACoS% of one of our clients in EU
amazon sales growth agency

Start Growing Now!

Reach 8 international markets on Amazon and on any other eCommerce platform

One of our strongest advantage is the team of freelancers who work with us. All experienced marketing ninjas, digital nomads and growth hackers, your job will be done by native speakers keeping a low cost profile.

We speak natively 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

Social Media, Content Marketing, Advertising, Listing Creation and Optimization are some of our best services.

Each localized task will be managed by a local growth hacker.

Why hiring a full time marketing team when you can outsorce localized tasks to our experienced freelancing team?

Decrease costs. Increase performance.

Rank higher on Amazon and Google

There are various elements that can bring up your products ranking on Amazon and on Google if optimized in the right way. We are specialized on on-page and off-page SEO. Let us do the job for you!

Full listings optimization (content & images).

On-page content optimization for higher ranking on Google.

CPC Advertising (Sponsored Ads) Management.

External marketing promotions and hot deals.

Social Media, Bloggers, Reviewers & Influencers.

Full services for American and European languages: EN, DE, IT, ES, FR.

CPC, PPC, Sponsored Ads, Google, Facebook?!

We know how hard it's gonna be for you to make your Brand discoverable in this digital jungle. We're here to help!

Strategic Planning.

Budget Management.

Performance oriented approach.

Increase sales; decrease ACoS%.

Keywords optimization by native speaking managers.

Looks like what You are looking for?

There's much more that we can offer you. Just because there is so much more behind every successful Brand. We know it. And we want to help you reach your target easily.

See the full list of Services

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What They Say About Us

Veneto Kichen

Amazon Seller

Thanks to Growth Hack Consulting we have experienced a rapid growth on our sales on and we are keeping our expenses and advertising cost on sales (ACoS%) at a very moderate level. We have increased reviews and quality of our product listings, while starting up and confirming our Social Media presence & Brand Awareness.

Edo Campos

Head of PR, Anker.

Davide is a great professional that just keeps on going no matter what. He knew how to motivate us when we felt like we couldn't find a solution to a problem. He was very patient with the team and knew how to guide each and every single one of us to achieve our goals. He is smart, helpful, and very dedicated to his work (source: linkedin).

Bruce Kurz

Marketing Sensei, TCL.

If your group needs a shot in the arm with killer digital marketing, look to Growth Hack Consutling. Davide is a highly gifted digital marketer and team player - any company should be looking for both (source: linkedin).

Domenick Scherpf

CEO & Founder, Flasch Media

Davide is a true growth hacker and a pioneer of the digital landscape. Since working on various projects with Davide in the past few years, I’ve learned amazing growth strategies to help both, big brands and startups, increase their rankings on the top eCommerce platforms. His marketing lead has shown me how to increase sales at an efficient budget, while sculpting the brand image and creating loyal brand advocates.

Step by Step to your Success.

We follow a structured Workflow process that helps us understand your needs and helps you to safely reach your Brand Awareness & Sales target without losing control of each single project.

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