Growth Hack is a young and vibrant Digital Agency founded by Davide Nicolucci in January 2017 and based in Hong Kong. Our Goal is to help any business in any industry to grow faster and smarter.
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Our services.

Here's What We Can Do For You:

Over the past years we have helped thousands of Amazon and E-Commerce sellers to increase their sales while spending less advertising budget and less of their valuable time. We know that selling online requires a lot of skills and patience, we are here to provide the best of our knowledge and experience! Whether you're looking for a better management of your Advertising PPC Campaigns, a mega boost on your Amazon sales, or you're in need for a complete Digital Marketing plan, here's what we do:

Rank higher on Amazon

There are various elements that can bring up your products ranking on if optimized in the right way. Let's work in them together now!

Full listings optimization (content).

Images optimization.

CPC Advertising (Sponsored Ads) Management.

External marketing promotions and deals.

Social Media, Bloggers & Influencers.

Full services for American and European languages: EN, DE, IT, ES, FR.

CPC, PPC, Sponsored Ads, Google, Facebook?!

We know how hard it's gonna be for you to make your Brand discoverable in this digital jungle. We're here to help!

Strategic Planning.

Budget Management.

Performance oriented approach.

Increase sales; decrease ACoS%.

Keywords optimization by native speaking managers.

Blog creation, management and content

A great Blog says much about a great Brand. Time to work on yours?

Creation and setup of your new blog. You chose the style.

Who is your audience? How are you going to talk to them? What's the key message?

Weekly posts creation and management. Content provided by native speaking experienced copywriters.

Sit back and relax. We will take care of everything here.

Developing your Influencers network

The difference between Advertising and PR? Advertising is paying somebody to say your products are the best. PR is convincing somebody to do so.

Strategy development based on your needs.

Your brand and your products will be welcomed to our network of influencers from all over the world.

What you get: reviews, giveaways, clicks, deals, sales.

Work on an Awesome Brand Awareness!

Reach 8 international markets on Amazon and on any other eCommerce platform

One of our strongest advantage is the team of freelancers who work with us. All experienced marketing ninjas, digital nomads and growth hackers, your job will be done by native speakers keeping a low cost profile.

We speak natively 5 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian.

Each localized task will be managed by a local growth hacker.

Why hiring a full time marketing team when you can outsorce localized tasks to our experienced freelancing team?

Decrease costs. Increase performance.

Still struggling to get your Brand on the top rank?

We know, it is a hard work and it does take the right time and the right investment. But sometimes you just can't figure it out. Get in touch with us now for a quotation or a quick chat and let's plan together your fast and successful escalation.

Define Your Target

If you don’t know where you are going, you didn’t start moving yet. Sometimes the hardest part is to define a clear target. We are here to give a goal and help you reach it.

Performance Driven

Our team of Growth Hackers has several years of experience in Online Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Management, Content Creation. And each one of them speaks natively the language of your Target Market.

Get Full Control

The initial part of the workflow will be the set up of which projects you need. You will be the ultimate decision maker of what to include and what not.

More Time To Enjoy

Let us handle all of the projects that you cannot develop internally. We provide weekly or monthly reports. All costs are under your control.