Why You Should Sign Up For Amazon Attribution

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[…] Before we begin, let’s take a look at DataDive Tool for Amazon Sellers. DataDive is positioned as a tool to research products on Amazon. It lets you select a range of competitors in your product niche, and then takes all their data – from keywords they’re using, which ones they rank for, and the quality of their listings – and turns it into a super spreadsheet. DataDive calls this a Master Keyword List. The good thing about DataDive is that it’s compatible with the major Amazon marketplaces including North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. It’s not a fancy program either, DataDive is a Chrome extension and pulls data from Helium 10, Keepa, Google Trends and of course Amazon Seller Central. If you’re using those tools for research, it’s designed to speed that up. We’re talking about warp speed. For example, if you’re looking to get into Amazon (and believe it or not, it’s still a good time to start selling on Amazon in 2022), you can use DataDive to calculate potential profits of Amazon products and find markets you can enter. If you sell in a hot market, you can use it to assess the strength of a competitor’s listings. If you’re an aggregator, you can measure the strengths and weaknesses of the listings of a brand you could potentially invest in. For our purposes, we’re using DataDive to understand which search terms customers are using to find your products and which keywords the best sellers in the game are using (and in some cases not using!). READ MORE: HOW TO USE AMAZON ATTRIBUTION […]

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