The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Amazon PPC Sponsored Products Ads 2019

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Nice article, David.

Why would you pause Loose Match after only $8 in spend?

Davide Nicolucci

Hi James, that one is just an example, probably the actual budget spent was more than $8 in the previous days. Also with that bid it reached probably 10 clicks or 9.


it says lifetime spend in the screenshot though


Thanks for the article, David. I haven’t started selling on Amazon yet and the info in this article is a lot to take and I guess I won’t know exactly what you mean until I start my own journey with PPC. I am new, as I said, but I do want to know your thoughts on the following: what do you think of starting a 2-3 week ‘test’ phase, using ‘exact’ match type (in manual campaign) with aggressive bidding, then filtering out the ‘winner’ keywords, killing the listing and starting fresh again with a new listing (i.e. using the same product) with the keywords you now know are doing well? The whole purpose of the ‘test phase’, they say, is to collect data on ‘impressions’ and ‘cost per click’ to get an understanding of how many people are searching for your product and how competitive it is, together with how much it cost for bidding. Because the emphasis is on collecting ‘data’, quality of the product and having the best listing is not as important at this stage. Following from this, the second and third phase becomes more strategic, based on the results from the ‘test’ phase. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this. Its complete opposite to what you were saying (i.e. start with auto and then move to manual campaign).

Thanks in advance.

Davide Nicolucci

Hi Aylin, I’ve never read about starting a test phase with exact matches, especially on a brand new listing for which don’t know already which keywords will work for sure on PPC. I’d start with a BROAD match instead to be able to get more matched terms by Amazon and to appear on more search results. If you want to start with EXACT though, you can do it and if you’re already sure of what keywords you want to rank for just go ahead. I’m not getting completely the part of killing the first listing and opening a new one, not sure that’s a good strategy. Thanks for the comment!

Aylin Ayta

Thanks, Davide. Chris has a podcast with Tim Jordan regarding the strategy I was referring to. Regarding the bit about ‘killing’ your listing – you’re doing this after you’ve tested your product, you’ve done an aggressive exact match campaign and now you have the data to decide whether or not to go ahead with this product. I think the reason why Tim says to ‘kill’ the listing after the test phase is because you want to get back the ‘honeymoon’ period with the real launch. It’s a great podcast. If you do end up listening to it, let me know what you think. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks again for your response.


Davide Nicolucci

I guess we are talking more about testing the product itself or the product listing itself here, not just about PPC strategy. Would make sense I suppose… I’ll look into it, thanks for the tip!

Aylin Ayta

Thanks, Davide. Yes, that’s what I was trying to say – if, whether or not, there’s a market for the product under the keywords you are testing. Love to hear your thoughts.


Well done! Very detailed! Thanks so much for this masterpiece

Davide Nicolucci

Thanks Jason!

Pat Taylor

Hi Davide,

I really appreciate this tutorial guide and your time and effort to offer this for free ! 🙂 It is very helpful and I
i am very grateful for this Davide. Many many thanks and look forward to reading more in the future.

All the best


Davide Nicolucci

My pleasure to help! I’ll be publishing more advanced topics for PPC as well, so stay tuned.


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Wonderful article. I just went through the article. It’s an ultimate guide for beginners to learn about amazon ppc sponsored product ads.

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