Growth Hack is a young and vibrant Digital Agency founded by Davide Nicolucci in January 2017 and based in Hong Kong. Our Goal is to help any business in any industry to grow faster and smarter.
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Website Creation, Design & SEO Rank

Website Creation, Design & SEO Rank

As for Social Media, today you NEED to have a website in order to gain trust from your potential customers, and most important to retain them.

As we all know, selling on Amazon and on other e-commerce platform is harder than ever, and it is most crowded than ever. After users land on your listing, they are constantly bombed with ads for competitors products, and chances are that they will eventually buy your competitor’s product if it’s cheaper or if it provides more features!

This doesn’t happen if you drive users to your own website. Not only you have full control of that particular product page where they landed, but as well you can create up-selling offers to increment your profit and to acquire more customer data!

Your website is like your shop, the home of your brand. We can help you to make it beautiful, more appealing and more relevant to the search of your potential customers!

Did you know that today 50% of the product search happens on Amazon and 50% happens on Google? If you are NOT present on Google and SEO, you are missing out 50% of your potential sales!

We provide the following services:

– Website strategy idea and planning
– Design
– Text Content (in 10 languages!)
– Hosting
– Content Marketing
– Implementation with Marketing Strategy and Social Media
– Data Analytics & Report
– Keywords Optimization and Research
– IT problem solving
– User Experience optimization
– Backlinks
– Blog
– Advertising
– Newsletters

Get in touch with us now to ask anything you want to know about your new website marketing! Send us an email at [email protected] or use the contact form on the link below.

Growth Hack
Growth Hack

The first Digital Marketing Agency based in Hong Kong to provide Consulting services to Amazon sellers and other e-commerce platform sellers.


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    We got your reference from Fredrick at Chinaimportal. We would like to speak with you and discuss about product launch, amazon etc..

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