Growth Hack is a young and vibrant Digital Agency founded by Davide Nicolucci in January 2017 and based in Hong Kong. Our Goal is to help any business in any industry to grow faster and smarter.
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About Us

Get to know who we are and what we do.

We Are Growth Hack.

Growth Hack is a Digital Marketing and Branding Consulting Agency founded by Davide Nicolucci in Hong Kong in January 2017 and run by himself and his team of young professionals from all over the world. Our expertise, diversity and flexibility has enabled us to become one of the hottest Digital Agencies based in South China and operating worldwide.
We specialize in Amazon FBA Marketing, on Ecommerce development, Content Marketing, Blogging, Social Media and Digital Strategy. We deliver fast and professional services. Our top priority is your performance.

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Hi, I’m David!

And the awesome people you see all around me are my former team memebers in Shenzhen, where I used to work as CMO. This was my last job before I decided to put together all of my Digital Marketing secret techniques and Management skills to give birth to Growth Hack in Hong Kong.

My philosophy has always been to work smarter and get the highest results. If you own a business and operate in Ecommerce and/or Amazon FBA, and you’re still struggling to get faster and better results, you might need our help!


What they say about me

Thanks to Growth Hack Consulting we have experienced a rapid growth on our sales on and we are keeping our expenses and advertising cost on sales (ACoS%) at a very moderate level. We have increased reviews and quality of our product listings, while starting up and confirming our Social Media presence & Brand Awareness.

Veneto Kichen

Amazon Seller

Davide is a great professional that just keeps on going no matter what. He knew how to motivate us when we felt like we couldn't find a solution to a problem. He was very patient with the team and knew how to guide each and every single one of us to achieve our goals. He is smart, helpful, and very dedicated to his work (source: linkedin).

Edo Campos

Head of PR, Anker.

If your group needs a shot in the arm with killer digital marketing, look to Growth Hack Consutling. Davide is a highly gifted digital marketer and team player - any company should be looking for both (source: linkedin).

Bruce Kurz

Marketing Sensei, TCL.

Davide is a true growth hacker and a pioneer of the digital landscape. Since working on various projects with Davide in the past few years, I’ve learned amazing growth strategies to help both, big brands and startups, increase their rankings on the top eCommerce platforms. His marketing lead has shown me how to increase sales at an efficient budget, while sculpting the brand image and creating loyal brand advocates.

Domenick Scherpf

CEO & Founder, Flasch Media
Our successful cooperation projects

Get More Customers and Keep Them.

You're probably trying any kind of strategy and promotion but it just won't help to get more customers and, what's worse, to retain them?
I've been there, trust me, but there's a few things I've learned after years spent working in Ecommerce and Digital Marketing with professionals from all over the world.
You can get better results starting from now!

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