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Amazon & Ecommerce Marketing 11 Strategies to CRUSH IT on Amazon Q4 2020: FBA Seller CheatSheet (Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, Christmas,etc)
how to sell more on amazon prime day

11 Strategies to CRUSH IT on Amazon Q4 2020: FBA Seller CheatSheet (Prime Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 11.11, Christmas,etc)

As you might already know as an Amazon FBA/FBM Seller, Prime Day usually happens in July, but this year has changed all the rules. The largest online marketplace in the western world had declared that they would delay the huge sales event due to the effects of the Coronavirus outbreak pandemic and ever since it was speculated when will Amazon Prime Day take place.

After a few months of uncertainty, the date is finally here: Amazon Prime Day will start on October 13th and it will last until October 14th.

These two days are a great chance for all Amazon sellers to advertise their stores, best products and best deals. Not only, having the Prime Day’s date shifted to mid October will make this Q4 probably the biggest quarter in the whole century for 90 days packed with deals, holiday sales, and discounts: next on the list will be Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020, 12 days of deals, end of the year / Christmas sales.

In this short guide we will show you how to maximize your branding & marketing strategies and how to ultimately increase your revenue.


Why should sellers pay attention to Amazon Prime Day?

After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Amazon Prime Day is the single day of year when people are most likely to shop online, and that’s the main reason why every seller and marketer should sit down and invest some time and money in a strategy that will attract new customers to their store.

sell more on prime day amazon

Sell more on Amazon and reach more customers with these simple and effective strategies

We’ve already seen that year 2020 has been beyond unpredictable and every chance for making it right,business-wise, despite COVID-19 Pandemic, should be exploited. The last years’ experience has shown that businesses sell more during Prime Day (sales grew more than 70% from 2018 and 2019), and that’s a great reason for you to revisit your marketing tactics, improve them, try to earn some cash… so keep reading.

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How to maximize the performance of your store during Q4 – Prime Day / Black Friday / Cyber Monday / 11.11 / Christmas?

As you already know, there are countless brands/sellers on Amazon and all of them are trying to get a piece of large customer base during the sale events. Boosting your store’s performance won’t be easy.

In order to sell more and to properly rank your products on Amazon, you need to consider A LOT of elements: conversion rate, sales, clicks, purchase frequency, SEO (title, bullet points, keywords) relevancy score, search terms, paid advertising… the list is long and we are not going to explain all the factors here but you might find very useful to read this Amazon Product Rank Quick Guide for Sellers Updated to 2020.


More than $1M in less than one month with PPC only? Ask us how!


Here are some of the winning strategies to attract new customers and increase sales before, during and after Prime Day. You can gain a significant advance on your competition by following these first easy and actionable 11 steps for Amazon Sellers:


1. Use Lightning Deals frequently

One of the quickest and best ways to increase sales during Prime Day is to utilize Lightning Deals. Lighting deals are quick deals with high visibility across the platform that generically last only for a few hours. This tool is time-limited but is an excellent choice for increasing sales momentum and to gain visibility not only during the Prime Day but also before and after. Keep in mind that a new store can’t benefit a lot from this strategy as there are a lot of requisites such as number of reviews, rating quality, sales history etc.


2. Make the right Inventory Management

Sort out your inventory (Amazon FBA / FBM) before Prime Day and that will save you from a lot of trouble once the big selling begins. Take a close look at your listings front and back end especially if your store holds a lot of items. Rearranging and putting them into categories will help a lot and your store will look more professional and attractive to customers. Make sure that for each product you are advertising on and off Amazon you have enough stock and you have the buy-box.



translating into a new language

Need Professional Amazon Listing Translation?


3. Use Amazon Coupons

Using Amazon Coupons is one of the easiest ways to increase conversion rate and to gain more visibility to your products: products that show coupon discounts are most likely to convert into sales (just a small 5-10% discount is enough) and will receive a green badge that will make them stand out from the competition both on organic and paid search results. Pro Tip: a higher absolute number is always better in the eye of the buyer ($7 is better than 5%).

4. Use Product Bundles

As you already know, selling a lot of items is your main goal on Prime Day. In order to make this happen, you should also consider creating bundles that complement each other. That way, you’ll move a lot of products for less time. Try to combine products that are often purchased together, or that are complimentary one to the other. Offering bundles is a great way to drive awareness and extra clicks to your listings that are not getting enough.

Making the right use of product bundles will also help you get higher margins on your product sales.



5. Strengthen your Brand Presence

There are no sales if there’s no or poor brand awareness. In case you’re a new Amazon Seller, you should do your best to generate new leads that will convert into paying customers. The best way to let people know about your store is to leverage Social Media. This funnel will attract new people to your store and subsequently increase sales. Consider running a few ads or contacting influencers in your niche. Blogs, YouTube reviews, and even micro-blogging channels as Tik Tok and Twitter are today more important than ever.

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6. Groom Your Listings

A well written and well presented listing is a lot more likely to convert your visits into sales. Also, getting a lot of visits that eventually do not convert into sales, is definitely a NO-GO for any Amazon seller, as this would affect very negatively your conversion rate, relevancy score and product rank.

Take full advantage of your listing page real estate and features by understanding Amazon A+ / EBC Listing Content: here we have compiled another quick guide for sellers.

amazon listing a+ ebc content


7. Run Competitor Analysis

Knowing your rivals is a good start if you want to bring some new customers to your shop. First of all, you should see the difference between yours and your competition’s product listings. Once you’ve analyzed that, give your best to find the gap and fill it with your offer. Read reviews (on and off Amazon), Q&A section and other useful information that you might find hidden in the listing. Another thing you should do is to track the high volume keywords of products similar to yours, and then target their ASINs by utilizing Amazon Sponsored Ads.

To track keywords, we suggest to use Zonguru’s KOF (Keyword on Fire) get it here with an exclusive discount ($1 for the first month!).

zonguru keywords on fire

Zonguru Keywords on Fire tool 1 Month $1 special discount


8. Get Creative with A/B Testing

Amazon has recently introduced the possibility to run A/B Testing to your listing title, and we are sure that in the future they will introduce similar features to other elements of your listings. If you have the option “experiments” enabled on your account, we encourage you to use it. Get creative not only with title’s keywords but also with other elements in your listings. Try to find out what are your potential customers interested in. You can do this by experimenting with Amazon A+ content and description. Try out higher and lower prices and see where you are.


If instead you’re looking for a tool that provides full control on A/B Testing, you should definitely check Pickfu and their guide.


9. Optimize Your PPC Advertising Campaigns

ppc for amazon prime day

Daily Ad Revenue Trend: Growth rates are compared to average daily sales three months prior to each deal day. Source:


Optimization of Amazon PPC campaigns is probably the most important step you should take during your preparation for the upcoming Prime Day, or it might cost you a lot of money. As you can see in the stats above, provided by Sellics, during Prime Day and other big sales day, Amazon sales (and spend) increases dramatically. PPC could provide great amount of sales but as well great amount of wasted budget if not optimized correctly. Go ahead and check the relevance on your targetings both on manual and automatic campaigns. If you weren’t aware of that, Amazon just recently added the much awaited feature to set negative produt targetings on your Auto Campaigns.

It is also very important download your reports frequently in order to better understand how Amazon distributes your impressions / clicks, associates your products to different search terms and what keywords / product targeting bring you the most value in terms of sales and conversions.

Amazon ppc sponsored products advertising beginners guide

Click to read our Amazon Sponsored Products Beginners Guide


10.  Use External Paid Traffic

We explained above how important it is to make good use of Social Media, Influencers and micro blogging sites. Do not dismiss paid traffic in other platforms such as Google and Facebook / Instagram or other deal sites such as, Slickdeals, Fatwallet. Remember: Amazon loves external traffic. Driving high number of clicks to your listings with good conversion rate will help you a lot to increase your product rank and relevancy score. See more in the video below:


11. Make Sure Your Account is Safe from Attacks and Illicit Competitors Actions

Last but not least: you want to make sure that all your efforts don’t go wasted right before Prime Day. The past few years have been incredibly busy for Amazon’s profile hackers and black hat players. We have created a guide to keep you posted on the major treats and how to avoid them here: War is On: How to Fight Unfair Competition on Amazon – Updated 2020


Before and After Prime Day – What to do?

As you can see, there is a lot to think about during Prime Day preparations, and many tactics you should consider and use. We will share with you also a 3-phased Prime Day strategy that can complement the previous steps and provide you with better selling possibilities:

how to sell more on amazon prime day phase


A. Awareness: Promote your Brand – 2-3 weeks before Prime Day

  • As mentioned above, in order to sell products, your brand has to be present and people need to be aware of it. This doesn’t happen overnight so you’ll need to start attracting potential customers a few weeks before Prime Day.
  • The best way of doing this is to utilize social media marketing campaigns and start promoting your brand to a customized audience.


B. Use a collection of ad products – during Prime Day

  • Advertisement is selling your products. Once you’ve attracted enough traffic to your store, it is time for conversion. Leads can become customers if they’re presented with the right ad content at the right time. If done right, this action will engage them and they’ll start filling their shopping carts.
  • Prepare for an aggressive ad campaign during Prime Day and don’t forget to utilize every step from a previous strategy


C. Remarket your leads – 2 weeks after Prime Day

  • A great thing about Prime Day is the possibility to reach a lot of people and use that information for remarketing them a few weeks after. A lot of people will browse through your store but won’t buy anything.
  • Most of that traffic are potential customers, so don’t miss the opportunity to reengage and convert them. Target them later and try to sell again.


Final Thoughts

Amazon marketers got lucky this year since Prime Day will happen after all the delays. Hop on this train and try to increase your sales and revenue. with our tips and tricks for FBA Sellers. The strategies described above should be very helpful in your endeavors so go ahead and utilize them as much as you can. Prime Day is almost here, so start preparing your listings, optimizing and revisiting your ad campaigns and promotional strategies, researching keywords, and looking for new leads.

If you’re looking for professional help from an agency trusted by Amazon Advertising Team, get in touch with us for a quick chat: send an email to [email protected] or use the contact form below.

Have a great Prime Day!


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